David Spangler

Realtor® | DRE# 01325704
  • M 818.402.1989
  • O 818.661.4661
4149 Liberty Canyon Road
Agoura Hills, CA 91301

Haling from the Midwest where contracts are one page and a handshake, David has taken that honest approach and customized it with a personable and ever-sharpening business acumen to form a successful career as a Real Estate Investment Consultant since his migration to Los Angeles in 1997.

With a degree in Business Marketing from the University of Missouri-Columbia, David’s previous work history is extremely diverse. Merchandise Buyer, Wine Broker, Catalog Manager, A&R Representative, Recording Artist – yes that’s right, rockstar! “Being a professional musician, negotiating management deals, agency deals and record contracts was prime exposure back at age 23. Now I’m able to utilize ALL of my past experiences to the advantage of my clients today. L.A. is so diverse, you have to be able to adapt to all personality types and any situation.”

On the investment consulting side of the coin is where David’s success story really unfolds. “Having the cognizance to put the right people together at the right time is not an everyday circumstance that anyone can just find themselves in. Being diligent and creating your own personal connections to the variety of clientele, developers, and/or investors with sizeable liquidity and direct ties to the projects through constant development of relationships; now that’s an accomplishment that takes years to achieve and nurture.”

Fortunately, David never assumes the potential outcome of any relationship with any, one person: “All people are connected by the six degrees of separation phenomenon, and I have pursued each and every individual as if they were the most important human being on the planet,” he admits. “This is what I feel to be my greatest discovery in life, along with the element of synchronicity.” 

The San Fernando Valley, Antelope Valley, West L.A. to South Bay and Surrounding Areas!


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